Thanksgiving resources, activities, books, and links to help you plan your Thanksgiving theme unit!



Thanksgiving Bulletin Board:
What I'm Thankful For.....

See turkey project below to create bulletin board.
Use blue background paper to create the sky and add grass. Create a turkey farm and post children's turkeys. Create a banner or sign that says "What I'm Thankful For..."


Thanksgiving Art Project:

Materials: Brown paint, paper plate, feather pattern, head pattern, brown, yellow, red, and white construction paper.

Give each child one paper plate. Have them paint it brown and let dry. Next, have students trace and cut out a head pattern, a yellow triangle for a nose, white circles for eyes, a red neck using the neck pattern, and yellow feet. Have them cut out five (or any number you like) different colored feathers from a feather pattern

Next, have students brainstorm five things they are thankful for and write one sentence (I am thankful for......) on each feather with a marker OR have them type them on the computer, print them out, and cut-n-paste them to each feather. 

Assemble turkeys by gluing the head to the top middle part of the paper plate. Feathers will be glued to plate on the left and right side of the head.  Add the triangle nose, red neck, eyes, and two yellow feet.

With glue, write the names of each student onto the "stomach" and use gold or rust glitter to sprinkle onto each name.


Thanksgiving November Pilgrims Native Americans
Mayflower corn cornucopia feast
turkey grateful harvest autumn
settlers colony voyage ocean
food apple pie cranberry celebrate
family gobble New World Massachusetts
bread colonists Plymouth pumpkin
squash deer vegetables yam
stuffing dinner dessert carve
Squanto tradition holiday Thursday



Social Studies:
A theme unit on Thanksgiving can be broken down into the following parts -
The Pilgrims: Why did the Pilgrims leave their home to travel to a new land? What did the Pilgrims experience once they arrived? For books about the Pilgrims, see list below. The Native Americans: How did Native Americans live?

For books about the Native Americans, see list below.

The First Thanksgiving: What happened at the first Thanksgiving?

For books about the First Thanksgiving, see list below.

Thanksgiving Today: How do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving today?

For books on Thanksgiving, see list below.


Thanksgiving Themed Books:
This section is broken up into the following themes:
Books about Pilgrims | Books about the Native Americans | Books about the First Thanksgiving | Books about Thanksgiving (General) | Teacher Resource Books

Books about the Pilgrims
Books about the Native Americans
Books About the First Thanksgiving:
Books About the Thanksgiving (General):
Teacher Resource Books: