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Create a fall bulletin board by making a tree in two ways:

1. Make a large tree trunk.
2. Use real leaves to create the rest of the tree.
3. If you can't use real leaves, have students trace their hands on fall colored construction paper. Arrange on the tree trunk to form a tree.


Leaf Rubbings
Have students do leaf rubbings using white construction paper, crayons, and a leaf.† The students can also trace the outlines of the leaf after the leaf rubbings and cut them out.

Thumbprint Leaves
Cut out a brown tree trunk and glue on blue construction paper. Then, using fall paint colors, students dip thumbs into paint and begin making leaf prints to complete their tree.† When students are done, sprinkle some gold or copper glitter on the "leaves".


Using the leaves collected by students, graph the colors of the leaves.† Download the leaf graph here.

Leaf Measurements
Have students practice measurements using leaves.† For young students, use small cubes or paper clips to measure the length and width of a leaf.† For older students, use a ruler to measure length and width in inches.† As an extension activity, have students graph leaf sizes.

Word Problems
Have students create word problems using vocabulary based on trees/leaves.


Mini-Field Trip
Take a field trip around the school, field, or park.† Students can pick a particular tree or trees to observe. Have them use their five senses to observe the tree and the leaves.

Write observation of leaves, branches, trees.

Leaf Cycle
Students learn about the life cycle of a leaf, why they change colors, etc.† Students can make a small book (individually or in groups) in which each page illustrates and explains the life cycle of a leaf.† Place in your class library.

Leaf Sorting
Teach students to differentiate between leaves by shape, size, blades, etc.† Have them sort a group of leaves by common characteristics. Discuss why leaves are different.


Acrostic Poetry
Create acrostic poems using the letters in LEAF.

I Like Fall Because.....
Students write 1-3 sentences about why they like fall.† Then, have them trace and cut a leaf from fall-colored construction paper. Using markers, they write their sentences on the leaf pattern.† Staple/glue the leaf to the thumb print paintings (see ART section above). Post the finished project on the bulletin board.

Fall Poem
Have students brainstorm a list of words that describe leaves. Have them use their five senses.† Then, have students fill in the following sentences:

I see.......
I hear....
I smell.......
I feel (touch)....
I feel (emotion)....

Students rewrite the poem, but they leave out the I see, I hear, etc. They have written a poem!

Leaf† Book
Using the writing activities from above, create a Leaf Book for the class library.

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Rain of Leaves by Aileen Fisher

Itís raining big,
Itís raining small,
Itís raining autumn leaves
In fall.

Itís raining gold
And red and brown
As autumn leaves
Come raining down.

Itís raining everywhere
I look.
Itís raining bookmarks
On my book!


    Like a leaf and a feather
    in the windy weather
    we ill whirl and twirl about
    and then sink down together


†Little† leaves, little leaves,
†High up in the trees,
†Little leaves, little leaves,
†Swinging in the breeze.
†Autumn comes along
†And they change from red to brown
†Winter comes along.
†And they flutter to the ground.

Five Little Leaves
Five little leaves so bright and gay
(Hold up five fingers.)
Were dancing about on a tree one day.
(Dance in place.)
The wind came blowing through the town,
(Sway with the wind.)
And one little leaf came tumbling down.
(Gently tumble to the ground.)

Four little leaves . . .

Raking Leaves
I like to rake the leaves
(Make raking motion with hands.)
Into a great big hump .
(Pretend to pile leaves.)
Then I move back a bit,
(Take a step or two back.)
Bend my knees and jump!
(Bend knees, then jump.)

Leaves Are Falling
to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?"
Leaves are falling, leaves are falling,
All around, All around,
Brown and yellow leaves, red and orange too,
On the ground, On the ground.

The Leaves Are Falling Down
to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"
The leaves are falling down,
The leaves are falling down,
Fall is here, and winter's near,
The leaves are falling down.

The Leaves on the Trees
to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus"
The leaves on the trees are changing color,
Changing color, changing color,
The leaves on the trees are changing color,
All around the town.

The wind makes the leaves say "Swish, swish, swish,"
"Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish,"
The wind makes the leaves say "Swish, swish, swish,"
All around the town.

Then the leaves come tumbling down,
Tumbling down, tumbing down,
Then the leaves come tumbling down,
All around the town.

The leaves on the ground make crackling sounds,
Crackling sounds, crackling sounds,
The leaves on the ground make crackling sounds,
All around the town.

We'll rake them up into a pile,
Into a pile, into a pile,
We'll rake them up into a pile,
All around the town.

Ten Little Leaves
to the tune of "Ten Little Indians"
One little, two little, three little leaves,
Four little, five little, six little leaves,
Seven little, eight little, nine little leaves,
Ten little leaves fell down.

Rake one up and that leaves nine,
Rake one up and that leaves nine,
Rake one up and that leaves nine,
Nine leaves on the ground.

Rake one up and that leaves eight....
Rake on up and that leaves seven....

Rake the last one up and then there are none,
Rake the last one up and then there are none,
Rake the last one up and then there are none,
No leaves on the ground.

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