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Halloween Bulletin Board:

Directions: Have students cut out a ghost on construction paper. Use tissue paper to cover ghost pattern. Add black eyes/ wiggly eyes and a mouth.  Have students then cut out tombstones and pumpkins. Add to bulletin board to create graveyard scene.  Click on the picture to view larger image.



Halloween Vocabulary:

ghost goblin leaves color pumpkin
autumn bat owl witch scarecrow
spider costume trick treat candy
jack-o-lantern scary mummy werewolf vampire
monster night howl moon skeleton

Skeleton Craft Activity and Lesson (Health):

Here is a great opportunity to integrate a health lesson into your Halloween activities.

  1. Explain to students that they will create a skeleton and learn about the skeletal system. 

  2. Give students pre-cut shapes of skull, arm bones (2), leg bones (2), hands, and feet.

  3. Students will trace and cut pieces on white paper plated.

  4. Explain the parts of the body to the students, the function of each.

  5. Attach the bones using fishing wire by using a hole puncher to tie the wire to the bones.

  6. Have students add eyes and nose (see picture).

  7. Hang skeletons on the ceiling, windows, doors, walls, etc.

  8. Students can add labels to their skeleton to name body parts.

Halloween Safety Tips

Students can practice their writing skills with this activity.

  1. Brainstorm Halloween safety tips by using a web or some other graphic organizer.

  2. Using the organizer, students create their own checklists on Halloween Safety tips.

  3. Students will then create their own posters (individually or in pairs), highlighting one safety tip.  Stress to students that the posters will be posted around the school to help other students learn about Halloween safety. Illustrate the safety tip.

  4. Afterwards, students create a Halloween Safety book, using similar illustrations created for their posters. Bind the book and keep in classroom library.

Math Activities:

Literacy Activities:

  • Picture prompts: Use Halloween pictures to write scary Halloween stories (see resources below for picture prompts).

  • Using the word HALLOWEEN or HAPPY HALLOWEEN, have students write as many words as possible using only those letters.

  • Students perform a Reader's Theater version: The Hallo-Weiner by Dav Pilkey or The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams.

  • Students can write scripts on favorite Halloween books. (See Reader's Theater page).

Science/Social Studies/Health:

  • Nutrition: Brainstorm healthy Halloween snacks.

  • Health & Nutrition: Write a persuasive letter to adults explaining why it would be better to give out healthy snacks instead of candy.

  • Social Studies: Study the history of Halloween (see mini-unit on history of Halloween).

  • Social Studies: Learn about other celebrations similar to Halloween (i.e. - Day of the Dead: Mexico, Festival of the Dead: Palermo, etc....).

  • Online Halloween Trivia Game

  • Science: Discuss seasons, end of summer and beginning of autumn.

More activities and ideas:

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