Fall theme ideas, activities, resources, worksheets and links to create a fall theme unit. 

Fall Bulletin Board

"Unbe-LEAF-able Poetry!"

Directions: One week before, have students collect soft leaves of varying colors.  Keep them moist in a ziploc bag until you are ready to create the bulletin board. Next, have students create poems about fall or leaves which will be written on large leaves made of construction paper. Have students outline the construction paper leaves with fall-colored glitter such as red, copper, brown, orange, etc. Create a large tree trunk out of brown paper and add to a blue/green bulletin board paper. (Blue sky and green grass). Take the real leaves and start stapling them above the trunk to make a tree.  Overlap leaves to create realistic look. Add students' poems to the board and add the title above, emphasizing the word LEAF.

Fall Vocabulary Words:
fall autumn leaf colors
cool weather acorn apples
red orange brown green
September October November harvest
rake pile school pumpkin
Literacy Activities:
  • Fall Similes

  • Picture Prompt: Print out fall pictures so students can write a story.

  • Fall Diamante Poem

Science/Social Studies/Math:
  • Autumn Themed Math Pages

  • Autumn Math Word Problems: Students create word problems based on autumn theme.

  • Science: Study change of seasons.

  • Science: Study temperature.  Look at thermometers.  Track temperature changes on a chart or notebook.

  • Science: Study different types of weather that occur in fall. Look at weather predictions, etc.

  • Social Studies:  Fall is a time of harvest and celebration. Study how cultures celebrate harvests.

More Activities and Ideas:

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