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I just love fairy tales!!!  It was my favorite unit of study to do with my students.  I collect fairytale books with beautiful illustrations as well as funny, fractured fairy tale books.  Below are some ideas I've used with my students, resources from the teachers I work with (thank you ladies!), and resources found on the web.  Hope you enjoy it!


Fairytales vs. Folktales

"It is difficult to define a fairytale. When created by a single author, it is called a literary fairytale.  Hans Christian Anderson, Oscar Wilde and John Ruskin all borrowed from traditional folktales to write original fairytales. Often the literary fairytale uses the same patterns as traditional folktales.

Folktales grow out of the oral tradition of storytelling.  They are not the work of a single author but rather the work of many cumulative authors.  Each teller makes personal changes to suit his personality and audience.

Just to complicate matters, a folktale containing fairies, elves, trolls, dwarfs, giants, and other imaginary creatures is usually called a fairytale.  A fairytale is often a story about royalty, rather than common folk. Thus fairytales can be considered a sub-category of folktales, but the name is often used interchangeably."

These other sites also discuss the differences between fairy tales and folktales:


Fairy tale Bulletin Board:

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Fairy tale Vocabulary:

These are general vocabulary words for a fairytale unit. 
Another good idea would be to create a word wall for each fairy tale you read in your class.  Many words found in fairy tales are not listed here.


prince princess queen brave
king castle fairy dragon
witch good evil beautiful
spell magic once upon a time... cottage
kiss happily ever after... forest sword
knight wolf giant elf
dwarf / dwarves frog toad bear
pig axe horse tower
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Favorite Fairytale Books
Here are some of my favorite fairytale books!