Welcome to the Election Day Page!
It's an election year and the country is voting for its newest President!  Get your students interested by implementing some of the election activities below.

Election Day Activities:

Election Vocabulary

President election ballot campaign candidate
convention caucus Democrat Democratic Party Republican
Republican Party electoral votes polling location oath primary
political party running mate term voter voter registration
electoral college absentee voting citizen incumbent running mate
mudslinging propaganda partisan Vice President campaign manager
popular vote liberal conservative ticket debate


Introductory Lessons:

How do candidates get nominated? -

The Election:

The Candidates:


  • All Aboard the Campaign Train- Students map out campaign trail and more with this site's lessons.
  • Whistle Stops - Geography lesson about the campaign trail.
  • Create campaign slogan, posters, and buttons that reflect political views or platform.

The Importance of Voting -


Election Day Books: