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For new teachers! This page will give you some resources that will guide you on your way to establishing your new classroom.  This is an exciting time for you -- setting up your classroom, learning the curriculum, going broke at the teacher supply stores!  I hope this page will be helpful to you! 

Tips for New Teachers:
  • Save your receipts. You might be able to use them on your tax returns.
  • Be as organized as possible.  You can't imagine the paperwork that is waiting for you!
  • Try to establish a relationship with a veteran teacher, one you admire and would feel you could learn a lot from.  In some states, mentors are required.
  • Listen to advice from other teachers. You may have been trained well in college and feel you are prepared for the classroom --- but your colleagues have many more years experience than you do and know the realities of the classroom.
  • Ignore the negative teachers -- the naysayers.  Yes, you will see many of these people in throughout your career. 
  • Join any book clubs or other professional communities active in your school.
  • Try to attend professional development workshops provided by your school or district (or beyond).
  • Try to keep a journal or blog of your first year of teaching.  It's a great way to reflect on your experiences.

More tips coming soon.....

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