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Here you will find resources for June
(End of the School Year, Father's Day, Flag Day, Summer)

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End of the Year
Whether your school year ends in May or June, I hope these resources will make your last days of school easier!

End of the Year Links:
End of the School Year Ideas
Making the Most of the Dreaded End-of School-Days
A Great Goodbye

End of Year (ABC Teach.com)
End of Year Ideas
Child Fun End of Year Activities
Songs and Poems
The Teacher's Corner
Games for End of the Year
Scholastic End-of-Year Tips
Memory Book
Reviewing the Year
School is Cool Memory Book
End of the Year Report Card Comments


Bulletin Board:

Hoppin' Good Books!
Have students choose a favorite book and make a cover of that book. Using green construction paper, students will cut out a frog head, hands, and legs. Fold the legs accordion style and add feet. Glue the head, hands, and legs to the books and hang on the bulletin board. Create lily pads to add to the bulletin board.

Worksheets from the Busy Teacher's Filing Cabinet (all can have text added):
Certificate of Promotion 1
Certificate of Promotion 2
Certificate of Promotion Blue
Memory Book (13 Pages)


End of School Year T-Shirts/Graduation T-Shirts

Take a class picture using a digital camera or scan the school class picture to put onto the computer. Buy the iron transfer papers for printers/copier and print out enough class pictures for each child. Iron the pictures onto each child's t-shirt (white is the best).  Give students fabric markers and a piece of cardboard to place in the shirt. Allow students to write messages or their names on each person's t-shirt.  Have students wear their shirts on the last day of school.

End of School Year T-Shirts/Graduation T-Shirts
(Cheaper Version!)

(This is the t-shirt we made for our principal)

Use fabric paint and write the following message onto the students' t-shirts: "Class of 2008, School Name"
Let dry overnight.  Have students wear old shirts the day of the shirt signing. Students wear their t-shirts over their old shirts. Let each child have a fabric marker or permanent marker to begin the T-shirt signing!

Goodbye Pillowcase

This idea was submitted by Mrs. Thomas, a first grade teacher.  I thought it was a fabulous idea and wanted to share it with everyone.

Each student brings in a pillowcase. Let students add their handprints to their pillowcase using paint. Write or add an iron-on transfer of the following poem onto the pillowcase:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I'll count these hands instead of sheep.
And always remember the friends I made
When I was in _______ grade.



Flag Day

Flag Day Links:

Teacher Vision--Flag Day
Raise the Flag
Flag Day Ideas
Celebrating Flag Day (Lots of resources)
Flag Day Quest
Besty Ross Homepage
Lesson Plans Page
Flag Day
Our Flag
The Flag of the United States of America
Songs For Flag Day
Flag Etiquette

Craft Idea: Felt American Flag

Materials: felt paper in red, white, and blue, white star stickers, dowel stick, glue, scissors.
Give each child a large rectangle piece of white felt. Students (or the teacher) will cut out a blue square and 7 red strips. Glue onto white felt rectangle to resemble flag. Once dry, have students place white star stickers onto blue felt square. Glue the edge of the flag to the dowel stick and let dry (it may be best to use a glue gun). Let dry and your students have their own flag!


Summer Activities For Kids

Summer Reading Lists:

Compilation of Lists from Education World



Summer Activities:

Hot Activities for Celebrating Summer
Summertime Crafts for Kids
Summer Fun From Kids Domain
Summer is Coming!
Bonnie's Summer Fun
Summer Writing

Learning Page Summer Fun

On to the next grade:

At the end of the school year, I like to send parents a letter explaining what skills their children will be learning for the following year as well as tips and ideas on how to help their children prepare for September.  This year I plan on giving my second grade students a summer packet which will include:

  • The parent letter.
  • A journal with some journal topics for July and August.
  • Cursive handwriting booklet.
  • Multiplication flashcards (made by the students) along with a multiplication chart and some multiplication sheets.
  • Long addition and subtraction problem sheets.
  • A second and third grade summer reading list.


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