July Resources

For many teachers, July is a time of relaxation but also a time for preparing for the new school year.  For this month, I have provided some ideas, tips, and travel links.    

July Resources & Activities

July Calendar   July Behavior Chart


Things to do to prepare for the school year:

  • Read books on education, such as teaching literacy, etc. Go to the recommended books section for ideas.
  • Plan out themes for the year.
  • Write out spelling lists for every week of the school year.
  • Prepare outline for math concepts to be taught.
  • Write the ideas, organization, plans, etc. that worked this previous year into a notebook.  Keep this notebook handy so you can add more ideas that you may come up with or find throughout the summer.  I make sure to write down the things that worked this past year and the things I'm going to change for the following year. That way, when August/September comes, you will have handy your ideas from the following year.
  • Make a To Do List of what you want to have done by the end of your summer vacation for school.
  • Surf the internet for new ideas, lessons, free worksheets, etc. (Check out the Busy Teacher's Links section for some great teaching sites!)
  • Create or update your class website; make plans for things you would like to add on the site. To learn how to make a class website, click here for some informative pages.
  • Create/update literacy centers and file folder games. (Some packets of color file folder games are available in the Busy Teacher Shop.)
  • Relax and enjoy the summer!
  • Read these article from TeacherNet Gazette: "It's Summer!" and  "Be Your Own Mentor: Reflect".
  • Create mini-offices for your students.


In August I take these ideas and begin preparing the actual materials, such as organizing my units into files, creating charts, lists, rules, etc.

Upcoming August/September Resource Page
(will be posted mid-July for teachers who begin school in August)

  • Updates to the Back to School pages

  • Ideas and links on MOOSE Notebooks

  • Choose-A-Chart Homework/Learning Center

  • Online Projects you can participate in.



Great Bargain Links for Teachers:

As teachers, we're always looking for bargains and freebies to help supplement items/materials for our classroom. Here are some sites/groups that I've found that have bargains or freebies! If you have a link you would like to share, please let me know by emailing teacher@busyteacherscafe.com .



Travel Links

I love to travel during the summer months. Here are a few websites that I use when planning a trip.


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