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Winter Theme
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Winter Craft Project: Snowflake

Materials: snowflake pattern, oak tag paper, pasta of various shapes and sizes, glue, 2 cans of white spray paint.

Directions: Click here to print snowflake patterns. Enlarge snowflake to fit on 8 x 10 oak tag paper. Have students trace and cut a snowflake pattern on oak tag paper. Using assorted pastas (bowtie, macaroni, spiral, ziti, etc.), have students glue in patterns making sure to cover entire snowflake. Let dry. Once students are out of the classroom, spray paint each snowflake completely. TIP: This project should be completed on a Friday so that the spray paint can dry and your room will be cleared of fumes by Monday.

Winter Resources from BTC:
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Christmas Bulletin Board:

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Christmas Unit page!

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Hanukkah Links:
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Hanukkah Latkes...Yum!
Dreidel Craft Idea:

Materials: Milk carton, dark blue construction paper, copies of dreidel symbols (all 4--See links to the right for copies), pencil, glue.

Directions: Wash out milk cartons and let dry. Cover milk carton with dark blue construction paper. Cut out dreidel symbols and glue one to each side of the milk carton. Let dry. Take a sharpened pencil and stick through milk carton with the point coming out through the bottom and the eraser sticking out through the top. Staple the milk carton closed. Use pencil to "spin" dreidel". Teach students the dreidel game.




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