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Resources and ideas for the month of April.
(National Poetry Month, Easter, Spring, Earth Day)

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April Journal Calendar
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National Poetry Month


Family Education
Celebrate with the Poems of Shel Silverstein
Scholastic Poetry
Poetry Zone
Write a Poem Template

From Busy Teacher's Cafe:

"Smart" by Shel Silverstein
Cloony the Clown
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout--Verbs
Diamante Poem
Diamante Poem Worksheet



Easter Links:

Celebrating Easter
Easter and Srping Activities
More Easter Songs and Fingerplays
Easter at Alphabet Soup
Easter Games and Activities
Easter Bunny Cottonball Game

Billy Bear's Easter
Easter Printables and Games
Easter Time at Kids' Domain
Easter Fun Interactive Game
Easter for Kids and Teachers
Easter on the Net
Easter Activities and Coloring Pages

Bunnies Jigsaw Puzzle
The Bunny Hutch

Bulletin Board:

Thank You Easter Bunny!

Use two paper plates of differing size to create this bulleting board.  First have students choose a color and paint both paper plates.  Once they are dry, staple or glue to create a body.  Add ears, feet and a cotton ball tail.  Then, have students write sentences or a paragraph thanking the Easter bunny for al the things he does.  Glue the paragraph on his tummy (cut the paper to fit the middle of the plate).

From Busy Teacher's Cafe:

Easter Word Search for K-1
Easter Word Search for grades 2 & up
Easter Coloring Pages (1) (2)
Easter Letter Page

Christian Page:

Lord is my Shepherd Coloring Page


Some "Bunny" Special
Craft Idea

Buy the tiny clay pots and paint all white.  Add felt ears by pulling them through the hole in the pot.  Add eyes and pink nose.  Add bunny tail in the back.  With black marker write "Some 'Bunny' Special". 


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