Classroom Discipline Plan

This is the Classroom Discipline Plan that I use every year.  This plan is written out for the parents and they are required to discuss the plan with their child and sign a form of agreement.


When you create rules for your classroom, remember two things-- first, limit your rules to 4 or 5. Second, make sure your rules cover a broad range.  Here are the classroom rules I use in my class.

1. Follow directions.
2. Raise your hand.
3. Remain seated.
4. Respect others.
5. Try your best!


Students are given consequences when they do not follow the rules.  These are the consequences:

First Warning: Verbal warning
Second Warning: Writing Assignment
Third Warning: Removal from free time/learning
center time/ story time/ crafts or games and
note/phone call to parent.
Fourth Warning: Parent Conference

Discipline "Contests"

There are a few ways that the students and I monitor their behavior throughout the day. I will use one method for a month or two (or for a marking period) and then change to another method.  This provides variety for the students and will keep them motivated and excited throughout the year.

Whole Class Behavior

Ice Cream Contest: (Materials: a hundreds chart, ice cream parts, marker, list of awards). The purpose of this contest is for the children to build an ice cream cone by winning points. Create an ice cream cone into parts using construction paper (1 cone, 2 scoops of ice cream, chocolate fudge, cherry, and a spoon).  Depending on the points system you would like to use, each part will be labeled for a certain amount of points. For example, if you want the students to complete the  contest in one month (about 30 days) then the parts would be labeled:
cone= 5 points
scoop 1= 10 points
scoop 2= 15 points
fudge= 20 points
cherry= 25 points
spoon= 30 points (Winner!)

Post the hundreds chart on a wall or bulletin board.  For every day they behave, you award the class points (usually 1 or 2 a day).  When they reach 5 points, then the cone is posted on the wall or board and they get a prize.  When they reach ten, you attach the first scoop of ice cream to the cone, and you continue until they reach the 30 points. This is the reward system we used when they reached a new goal:

5 points (cone)=  Story of your choice
10 points (scoop #1)=Free time
15 points (scoop #2)= Snack
20 points (fudge)= No Homework!!
25 points (cherry)= Movie
30 points (spoon)= Pizza Party!!!

The kids are motivated throughout the contest and they learn to work towards the bigger goal at the end of the contest!  You do not have to use all the parts of the ice cream (I sometimes leave out the spoon) and the point system changes depending on the class.
*Adapted from The Teacher's Mailbox Magazine





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