Miss Nelson is Missing
by Harry Allard

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misbehaving squirmed refused unpleasant rapped
arithmetic detective shades drawn gobbled
know-it-all swarm discouraged exclaimed  

Themes in the story -

  • respect

  • kindness

  • teamwork

  • fairness

  • responsibility

Compare and contrast the following -

Missing Persons Poster - have students create a missing persons poster for Miss Nelson.

Predicting - Some of the students in Rm. 207 came up with ideas as to what happened to Miss Nelson.  Have students draw a picture and write a few sentences as to what they think might have happened to Miss Nelson.

Matching Game - Students match the adjectives that describe each character.  Click to download.

Fluency Activity - Students can practice fluency with Miss Nelson is Missing Reader's Theater script. (Script is the last one at the end of the document).

Classroom Rules: After reading the story, brainstorm classroom rules for students in Room 207 to follow.

Reader's Response Options -

  • What lesson did the students learn at the end of the story? 

  • Why do you think the students misbehaved with Miss Nelson?

  • Do you think Miss Nelson's secret was a good one? Why or why not?

Be a Detective! - The story has clues that reveal that Miss Swamp and Miss Nelson are the same person.  Reread the story and have students look for the clues in the story. 

Writing - Have students make pretend they are part of the class in Room 207.  Have them write a letter to Miss Nelson.  What should they say to Miss Nelson?

Comprehension Strategies - (to see information on these strategies, go to the comprehension strategies page)

  • Making Connections - Model through think-alouds any text-self, text-text, and text-word connections you had with the story (example: This reminds me of a class I once had who didn't know how to behave, etc...)

  • Questioning - Model through think-alouds any questions you may have had in the story (example: Why did the students behave so badly?)

  • Visualizing - Have students visualize what it would be like in the classroom if the students misbehaved like the students in Room 207. 

  • Inferring - Students can make predictions about what they think happened to Miss Nelson.  They can also infer as to why Miss Nelson became Miss Swamp.  Students can use context clues to see how the author gave clues as to who Miss Swamp really was.

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