The Kissing Hand
by Audrey Penn

The perfect book for young students going to school for the first time or for those who have anxiety about going to school. 

This page provides activities, resources, links, and printables to go with this popular children's book! This story is particularly popular with Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers.

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raccoon warmth tingled strange
promised unfolded teased thoughtful
nuzzled scamper gently secret
kissing carefully learned forward
Word Wall Strips from
Spanish Vocabulary for The Kissing Hand



  • separation
  • first day of school
  • love
  • emotions/feelings
  • nocturnal animals

Kissing Hand Parent Letter from K-Crew


By Day and By Night - Worksheet from TIME for KIDS

Day and Night Animal Cards


Making Connections - Model through think-alouds times you have felt sad.  (This reminds me of .......). Have students discuss times they felt sad and what helped them feel better.

Book Cover (Bulletin Board idea)- In The Kissing Hand, Chester feels comfort when he puts his hand on his cheek.  Have students think of something that gives them comfort. Have them create a book cover that includes an appropriate title.  For older students, have them write a story about the item that gives them comfort. 

Kissing Hand Bingo - Very cute activity

Kissing Hand Class Book - From Ms. McDowell's site.

Stationary for the Kissing Hand - Great for letters

Kissing Hand Questions - Can be used during a read aloud or after.  Makes a great reader's response for older students.

Kissing Hand Poem

Kissing Hand Poem in Spanish by Maritza Margheritti


Feelings - Download and print pictures of the different emotions Chester feels throughout the story.  Glue the pictures to craft sticks.  Reread the story aloud as students show how Chester is feeling by raising the correct picture.


Kissing Hand Graph and Spinner - Probability game.

Kissing Hand Math Mat - Math counters based on the book.

Kissing Hand Adding - Addition worksheet


Handy Craft - With a sign language twist

Kissing Hand School Tour

Kissing Hand Matching Color Game

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