Word Work Center

Students can work on phonics or spelling patterns being taught during the week.  If you are lucky enough to have a teacher aide or another teacher in the room during your literacy time, then this center is ideal for the additional teacher to work with a small group.
Some ideas for the Word Work Center/Station:

Word Sort: Students look at a story (basal reader or trade book) and find words for each category on the sheet.

Bingo Game: Use spelling pattern or rhyming words to create bingo games.

Spelling Words: Categorize words by word families, spelling pattern, ABC order, etc.  You can also categorize words into nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

Word Web: Write a word in the middle of the web and write related words around it.

Word Tree:  Create a tree, put word in the roots and write words using the root word.

Word Ladder:  Draw a ladder. Start with 2 letter word and build words going up the ladder.

Mini-word wall: Brainstorm words with the same spelling pattern as the current week's words to create a small word wall.

Alphabet Tiles: I created alphabet letters using tiles/chips that we used as math manipulatives.  Using a permanent marker, write a letter on each tile and place in a small tub or plastic ziplock bag.  Students use the tiles to spell out words.

Phonics Flashcards: Use flashcards to have students categorize, sort, match, etc.  See our flashcards in the Busy Teacher Shop.

ABC Order: (Materials: list of high frequency words, index cards, paper, zip-lock bags) Create sets of cards using high frequency words. Create leveled sets for all different abilities. Place sets in zip-lock bags with an answer sheet. Students take out a set of cards and place the words in ABC order. Then they copy onto paper their answers. As the year continues, increase level of difficulty or incorporate dictionary skills into this center.

Word Search Bulletin Board: [This great activity was created by a colleague of mine, and I found it to be a great hit with the students.] (Materials: copy of a word search, bulletin board, dry erase marker, eraser or wipes) Enlarge a copy of a word search (Kinkos or any other copy center can do this for you) and laminate the enlarged copy.  Staple it to a bulletin board. Add a dry erase marker, an eraser or wipes. As long as students keep it clean, this activity will last a long time and you can reuse it year after year. 

Spelling Activity: (Materials: plastic/magnetic letters, basket/container) This activity requires two students. Using the spelling words of the week, one student says a word and the second student must spell it correctly using the plastic letters.  If you have magnetic letters, the students enjoy spelling on the board.  The students switch when the spelling list is completed.

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