Poetry Center

The poetry center exposes children to the genre of poetry.  In this center, students are able to practice reading with fluency a well as write poems of their own.  Students can create a poetry notebook or use their reader's response notebook to complete some of the following activities:

Ideas for poetry center/stations:
  • Copy a poem from a chart or a poetry book.
  • Illustrate a poem.
  • Complete a poetry prompt.
  • Highlight interesting words.
  • Read a poem with a buddy.
  • Fill in a poem with missing words (Poem Cloze).
  • Substitute words in a poem.
  • Record a poem on tape.
  • Create a poem using magnetic poem kit.
  • Find patterns in a poem.
  • Memorize and/or perform a poem.
  • Author study on poets.
  • Compare two poems using a venn diagram.
  • Complete poetry task cards.
  • Build a poem from sentence strips on a pocket chart.
Poetry Chart
(Placed in their notebooks to sign off after doing buddy reading).
Poetry Task Cards Poetry Bookmarks  

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