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Literacy stations have two purposes: (1) to engage students while the teacher works with small reading groups, and (2) to reinforce literacy skills (vocabulary, reading, phonics, word study, mechanics).  Students are grouped heterogeneously and rotate to 3 centers.  They remain at each center for approximately 15 - 20 minutes.

This page will provide resources and ideas on managing literacy centers/stations. 

In order for your literacy centers to run smoothly, it is important that you are well organized and that your students understand the procedures that are involved in working in the centers.

Center Management System:  There are many ways to manage your centers and your students so that they know which centers to go to.

   This center management chart is very easy to make using index cards and cut-outs.  When students rotate, all you have to do is move the white index cards.
(Click to see larger image.)



This teacher used small center pictures to show groups which centers they will go to for that day.  Below, you will find center signs (large and small) that I created for the teachers I work with. 



There are other management systems that teachers use.  The following pictures are other examples how center management boards found in the school I currently work in. Click on each picture to view larger image.

The large signs are used to label the center area.  The small signs are used on the center management board/chart so students know what centers they are assigned to that day.

Center Folders: Students should have a folder or binder dedicated just to center work.  This helps keep the students and your centers neat and organized.

Center Signs (Large) Center Signs (Small) Literacy Center Assignments
Type and Print Form
Literacy Center Assignments Sample
Sample Center Rubric Station Signs
Station Signs
NEW Center Signs - Photos (Large)
NEW Center Signs - Photos (Small) NEW Center Rubric    

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