Listening Center

Ideas for listening center/station:

Here are ways to create a listening center/station:

Buy cheap walkmans at Walmart (about 5 or 6) and place in a basket.  Each student borrows a walkman to use in the listening center. This is useful if you have 1 copy of a book on tape instead of multiple copies of a book on tape.


Here is a picture of another type of listening center. Students listen to the same story using multiple copies of that story.


Another idea is the use of iPods or MP3 Players in place of cassettes or CDs.  eBooks are available for download through iTunes or other ebook websites.  Also, many sites let you download children's stories in MP3 format.  Below you will see some sites I found that let you download stories for free.

Books on Cassettes: If your school already hasn't supplied you with these, you can order them from the Scholastic Book Club (using your points). Some can be bought at wholesale places (like Costco, BJs, etc.) or when they are on sale at K-Mart and Toys R Us. People have donated some to me when their children have outgrown them. The books and cassettes are stored in large two gallon zip-lock bags.  Each bag is labeled with the name of the story.  Ebay and Craigslist are also good alternatives.

Create your own cassettes: You or an adult can create your own books on cassettes by recording a reading of a book on tape.

Student Created Cassettes: Choose a few students and have them practice reading a book. Once they have perfected their reading, they can record it on tape to add to your growing collection.  Also, you can choose older students from other grades to do the same.

Basal Readers: If you don't already have them, create cassettes for the stories in your basal readers. This will help the slower readers practice fluency and comprehension.

Activities to do at the center/stations:

  • Answer comprehension questions based on the story.

  • Visualize and draw favorite part of the story.

  • Retell or summarize

  • Discuss the story with the group

  • Complete story maps and other graphic organizers

  • Respond to story in journal or reader's response notebook

Just as with other centers, students complete activities based on the stories.  See independent reading center for ideas.

Listening Center Map Fiction Listening Center Map Non-fiction

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