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  • Daily Journals (see our worksheet pages for journal ideas and calenders).

  • Summarize a story.

  • Daily News--Write about the events that occurred throughout the school day.

  • Observations around them.

  • Picture Prompts--Use pictures to create a story.

  • Authoring Books

  • Message Writing--to other students, to teacher, or parents.

  • Edit Sentences-- Editing sentences for concepts learned in class

  • Book Reports

  • Daily Word Problems for Math

  • Word Wall or Spelling Activities

  • Story Starters

  • Comic Strips--Fill in what the characters are saying.

  • Writing Packets with themes and key words

  • Pen Pals-- Write letters to another class.

  • Story Responses--Respond to reading story or a trade book.

  • Making Lists

  • Scientific Method/Lab Reports

  • Online Publishing Websites for Kids

  • Poetry

  • Coded Messages

  • Round Robin Writing--Students create and add to stories as they are passed around.

  • Want Ads

  • Emails

  • Wonder Books --Children keep a notebook of things they wonder about.

  • Comic Strips

  • Scripts (TV, movie, play)

  • Speeches

  • Advertisements

  • Recipe

  • Directions

  • Greeting Cards

  • Biographies

  • Invitation

  • Newspaper article

  • Weather Report

  • TV Commercials

Go to our writing worksheets section for free worksheets!

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