Great book on Guided Reading and using leveled books to teach good reading. If you can only buy one book, this would be it!
Teaches you how to level your books according to grade and reading level. Comes with a list of thousands of  titles that are already leveled for you!
Discusses how good readers use comprehension strategies to understand text.
These authors pick up where Mosaic of Thought ends. The book lists the 7 comprehension strategies that good readers practice and give instructional strategies for teaching these comprehension skills.
Debbie Miller walks you through a year of first grade in her classroom. Based on Strategies That Work, we see how she incorporates the teaching strategies in her Reader's Workshop. Great companion book to Strategies That Work.
Lucy Calkins, better known for her books on writing, has some good ideas on teaching reading in this book. This book includes valuable information on assessments and running records.
Let's teachers know why readers struggle and how you can design a research based program to help struggleing readers.
Nonfiction reading is largely ignored in elementary classrooms. This books teaches you how to use non-fiction books to teach reading. Gr. 3-8
Gives you mini-lessons for teaching reading comprehension strategies founds in the previous books.
Love this book! Great strategies for teaching reading!
Very large book! Great reading and writing strategies!
This book is similar to Guided Reading except it is geared for grades 3-6.  I loved this book more than Guided Reading and can be adapted for second grade as well.
New and improved edition of Strategies That Work!!